Primary Music Leader

I am absolutely loving my calling at church.  A year and a half ago I was called to be the Primary Music Leader.  And it is fabulous!  I get to spend time with the children ages 3-11 singing and playing.

Our ward is small, so our average primary attendance is around 15 kids.  Small enough that we combine the junior and senior primary.  Finding activities that will work for the three year olds and the eleven year olds is difficult.  But I have enjoyed the challenge.

This year, to go with the new curriculum, instead of having a monthly theme and song pre-selected in our manuals we were given a list of three songs per month that we could choose for our monthly song.  My primary president and I sat down and selected the main songs we will be learning this year.  My plan was to share what I do to teach and review the songs each month.  So far I only have one week of March documented (see next post).  As I post more this year I will share my lessons and ideas with you, and link back here.

January – Come Follow Me

  • Used a flip chart – you can find lots by searching Come Follow Me flip chart on Google

February – He Sent His Son

  • Used a flip chart from our primary cupboard – Primary Presidency taught this one as I was out for a month after having baby Wes

March – Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

April – I Feel My Savior’s Love\

  • Wrote words on white board and let kids erase a number of words based off a roll of giant a die

May – Families Can Be Together Forever

  • Taught using ASL

June – Love One Another

  • My primary knew this one already so it was a simple review

July – I Know My Father Lives

August – When I am Baptized

September – I Know That My Redeemer Lives

October – When He Comes Again

November – Search, Ponder, and Pray, and Kindness Begins With Me

December – Choose the Right Way

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